Sunday, May 3, 2009

meat and poison

one man's meat is another man's poison
i like that idiom..its meaning motivates me to be whatever i want to be..what i have to do..what i can take care of..


never care on others say because they are not yourself..they can say your taste is suck or whatever..but only you who use your own heart..
if you want to be an indie lover..go ahead
if you want to be a hardcore kid..go ahead
if you want to have your hair dreadlocked..the choice is yours..
wanna be a rebellion?..who else can stop you?
when once again only you who have yourself..

people may think that you're such a loser when you keep an interest on what others don't..they will say everything until you follow their interest..

"i hate your style"
"your taste sounds like a rubbish"
"why don't you leave that scene and follow us?"

people will say those or else unless you're no longer yourself..remember this 'talk is cheap'..people will say anything irritating because they pay nothing to say..but human have limit..they will shut their mouths..

you can be among the people..say whatever you want and hate what ever you dislike..but one thing to be concerned of..
don't ever be mad or treat your anger when people hate your have to accept whatever others say because you and them are exactly the same..

here in front of my sight i face a lot of people who are just in the same flock of people i've mentioned..say whatever words they could without putting others' feeling on their concern..

but i've no problem wih these sick people..what i aware is the suckers those who always getting incorrect context on what they are talking about..

need example?
they think hip hop and techno are the same bunch
i wont say any further on what are they wrong at..
this is the other case
they think the hardcore is the scene where everybody will think about the demon..

what i have to say is don't ruin others' scene
you are fooling yourself..

learn others' so you wont get it wrong..

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